Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kiwanis Food Festival 2008

Last Sunday we went to KIWANIS FOOD & FUNFAIR FOR D0WN SYNDROME, as a volunteer~ This festivals has been held at its premises at Taman SEA in Petaling Jaya and been organised by the Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation-National Centre, basically for charity. I mean to collect some donations to maintain their operations and at the same time to introduce this foundation to the community.

This is my first time being a volunteer and lucky enough to join this annually event. Well, thanks to Che Tene to invite us to join her.

Apparently, all we hafta do is to help them with the booth and of course, collect some donations la kan. So, they have two types of booth, one to serve or sell the food and the other one is the game booth. No money but coupon is used to buy food and play games there. With the theme Down by The Station, I can say that they have successfully attract many people to come and join. It's a lesson learned for a beginner like me. Nothing much to say as I really enjoy myself being a volunteer even I cabot awal. =D. So here are some piccas of the moments~

:The Tene's Group --> me, dear, a'a, fuzzy n tene (Ketua Kumpulan woo) :

: Some of the games WE enjoyed --> sambil-sambil kumpul token! :

: Some of the food stalls.. banyak gile makanan..macamana nafsu makan tak membuak? :

: Hensem uols bebudak neyh..tak tahan mak nengok~ Dorang ni pandai woo :

: Introducing.... the Tene's Group in action :

I hafta use collage just to share the hundreds of pictures taken during the event. In Tene's Group there are me and A'a, selaku penjual buah, Fuzzy si Penjual Nasi Lemak yang berjaya *nuk, mesti ko hilang suara kan..setelah terpaksa menjerit jual nasi lemak bagai..*, dear selaku fotografer jer *sebab dia kata "Gerai capati I tu dah ramai orang jaga..I volunteer jadik fotografer je la eh..." Thanks to you sebab banyak snap gambar I. eheh~* and Tene selaku Ketua Kumpulan yang menjual Corn cup.

Bila dah penat buat keje *er..about 3 to 4 hours..*, kitorang pon memulakan aktiviti jalan-jalan sambil main game and kumpul token. Dear manage to get er..4 ke 6 tokens, me 1 token only *jadi la kan..* and a'a 3 token. I'm not pretty sure but the total of tokens are 9 je. Using the 9 tokens, I managed to get myself a REALLY NICE purple frame with a word COURAGES, and a novel (RM5 je) using my RM5 kupon untuk makan. Since the I got the kupon makan for free, so I consider myself getting the Judith McNaught novel for free la kan. eheh~

: A free novel, a RM8 frame and a free cleansing soap. LoL :

: I made myself go up on the stage to try the bamboo dance.
It's tougher than you look man.. YOU BET! :

I guess my first experience as a volunteer worth every smiles from the kids.. It's just so wonderful to have a feeling of making people smile and laugh. I wanna do this again! Yay~

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Sareque said...

erm... 'something wonderful' adalah buku judith mcnaught favorite aku... pasal aku er jiwang? wakaka :P

Lady said... gile buku kali kedua aku baca..lucky me to find the book and it's only RM5! hehe..ko memang jiwang..tapi character ko laen dengan cite tu..heheh