Monday, August 6, 2012

Something Said By Usain Bolt

nounThe sudden release of something held under pressure or tension

And so i snapped! About something.

I was trying to cool myself down while browsing on the Olympic 2012 100m men final results. Then I saw this beautiful phrases said by Usain Bolt - The Gold Medalist a.k.a the world fastest man. AGAIN. He was back on track.

"Without a doubt, hands down, [being at] the top is harder than anything else," Bolt said. "When you get to the top, you know it's good. You're working and enjoying it. Sometimes you lose sight of what's going on around you. Yeah, you know what it takes to get there, but sometimes you lose sight because everybody is praising you, everybody thinks you're great and 
you're doing well."

Wish I could get back to my "track" AGAIN.