Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Nowadays blog is like a multi functional stuff which people can use as a platform to gain some extra money, besides being used as a personal diaries. And how do they get some money just with a few clicks on the net? Well basically there are a lot of ways, which I have already explained some here.

Choosing to put advertisements might be a good choice. There are a lot of choices like using advertlets, adsense, nuffnang and lot more.

But, after doing some reading, I thought Nuffnang would be the perfect choice so far. The "seed" is growing. Apparently Nuffnang is the pioneer blog advertising community and IT'S THE FIRST IN ASIA. They started their based in Malaysia, then move to Singapore and only recently they've spread their wings to Philippines. After years of hard work, now they have started to serve ads for some huge companies like Nike, AirAsia, Honda and lots more.

I guess that's a good introduction about Nuffnang. For more information you can visit their website and dig more. May be you can become one of the Nuffnanger and start getting paid while you sleep..Who knows..May be~

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