Friday, September 28, 2012

Sayonara Alang Hida

Semalam kitorang ke klia. To sent off beloved sister balik ke tempat perjuangannya. Sambil kita bersiap-siap, sambil si Hannah siap beg dia. Beriya ambil buku, some toys and a smal lil bear.

And ready she is!

Bila lagi nak jumpa hida, wallahualam. Semoga berjaya di sana hendaknya. Gambatte ne hida san!

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Mother-Daughter Bonding. AWESOME.

Seronok spend weekend dengan Hannah. Well daddy was so busy doing things at the new house. So he couldnt join us.

That day we play pretend. I became a sick daughter and Hannah was the "mummy". She was so into it and I think she kinda loves pretending to be a mummy. But she still calls me "mummy". Heheh. Obviously.

*meet the mummy cum doctor*

I wonder why she put on my swimming goggles. Haha.

She came to me and said "temperature, mummy" while putting this long thing on my forehead.

"hurm. Panasnye.."

: The rolled sticker (cool fever), the long thing (thermometer) and mask-like semi circle (nebuliser) :

Then she used the sticker yang dah tak stick pun and put it on my forehead as well. I think she pretend it to be the cool fever. Clever girl!

"mummy, nah ni"

She gave me the mask-looked thing and pretend it like she was giving me a neb. T-T
Then i pretend to cough. She gave me that "neb" again. With a shuuuuuu sounds.

"ouh.mummy, nak bubur? Jap".

*Hannah's kitchen*

"nah mummy. Nak Hannah suap? Hurmm... Dap tak? Sedap kan"

*mummy, makan ni. Sayur. Banyak-banyak*

*mummy, minum susu dalam cup eh*

Mummy ok tak? Tido ye?

Then she left me for few minutes and then came back to check my temperature.

I feel so blessed. In a way she kindda know what to do to jaga orang sakit. Hoho. Hopefully she will continue taking care of us when she grow up.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

To do list : moving to a new house

So many things to do but very limited time we have. Setakat ni beberapa things-to-do dah dikenalpasti.

1. Grille
2. Plaster ceiling
3. Wiring
4. Plumbing
5. Kitchen cabinet
6. Window n sliding door tinted (if needed)
7. Curtains
8. Lights and fans
9. Wall painting (or wall coverings)

These are the basic things. Sebab rumah kitorang ni glass semua tak ada tinted and tak ada table top kat dapur pun (some of my friends they bought a house complete with tinted n table top. Dah dapat jimat di situ).

Anyhow, lets just pray that everything will went well. I'll update on our experience looking for the right person who fit the job later.

Till then..

On a second note:
Hannah is 2! We had a great time preparing for her birthday party and Alhamdulillah the party went well. Lucky that her birthday fall on Saturday. Will cover that later.

Happy birthday, love! Mummy and daddy love you so much. May you become a good Muslim and daughter. <3