Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Truth Hurts

So hard to say but so hard to just keeping it to myself. But the truth really hurts.

I hate you for being that person - who lie to me.
I hate you for being emotionless - when you reveal the truth.
And i hate you for everything!

People say time heals.
Im not sure this scar would heal.
I am hurt. So much.
I trusted you. And i have to admit that i trust you no more.

P.s. Bloggeroid, i trusted you. Where are all the posts that i've been trying to publish? I trusted you.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pills story

I am tired of taking pills.
The first time was excited!
Like, Allah, I cant wait for it!

Then it turned out like not how I want it to be.
Then come another...

Hopefully I got what I want.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Things that should be TOLD

There are things that should be kept unspoken, but there are so many things that should be told.

1. The useless managers and poor management system, you tell them
2. Your best friends are doing the bad things, you tell them
3. You cheat your partner, you tell
4. You being dishonest, you tell
5. You scratch your principal's car, you tell
6. You dont like someones attitude, you advice

And lot more.
Truth hurts but its worth knowing.

You see, things can be simple in life. IF YOU MAKE IT SIMPLE by always being honest. Clearly honesty is the key.

Chill people. You dont have to talk bad things behind anybody's back. You dont have to lie. And most importantly you dont lie to yourself.


Smile. Then you will have a better world.

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