Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sushi for Hannah

I made sushi for Hannah's lunch today. It's my first time, so please excuse the cacatness and the longgarness of the roll.

It was inspired by this site which I googled yesterday. I think the one I made today looked more like California roll. Ouh, I dont have any sushi roller, so I just used whatever I have in the kitchen.

All I need :

a bowl of rice ( I use nasi lembik for Hannah)
a piece of thin telur dadar
slices of carrot
Spinach (blanched)
Minced beef (slightly fried)

To do the rolling :
Plastic wrapper
Big flat plate

Method (I should have take some pictures. Maybe for the next time) :

Put the plastic wrapper over the plate.
For this time, i use the inside out sushi roll method. But I replace the nori with the telur dadar.
then I arrange the carrot+spinach+minced beef together.
Start rolling (I have to polish this skill. Ngee)

After finish rolling, use the sharpest knife in you kitchen to cut it, or it'll get all smudgy and serabut.

So, there it goes. TA-DAAA!

~ Made with full of love ~
It's ready to be served.

Ouh by the way, it took about 15minutes to prepare the sushi (i cook the rice earlier). It's simple-time saving-not-to mention-delisius sushi.

Try it if you like it!

p/s: I seriously want to have a sushi-me-time, but the workload always hold be back. Haish. 
p/s/s: I think I dont have to join the sushi making class by Sushi King anymore. 
(mode: frust bila tak dapat join the first class they had on April)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hannah on Malang Itu Tak Pernah Berbau

I had a futsal game yesterday. After the match, my husband and I fetch Hannah from the nursery and headed to Giant to buy some things. Before that we stopped at Petronas to perform Asar.

Incident 1:
Hannah's fingers tersepit kat pintu surau lelaki. She was crying her lungs out. I was caming out from surau perempuan and ran towards her, hold and hug her, then she stopped crying. But still sobbing. T-T

Incident 2:
She was with hubby at surau lelaki in Giant (to perform Maghrib). I was having a little discussion with one of the vendor there. When they were entering the surau, Hannah was just behind him, when hubby thought the door wont shut until we push it. But not! The door shut after he let it go and BANG! it hit Hannah's face on the left side. Crying her lungs out AGAIN! Berbirat muka anak dara tu. T-T

Incident 3:
Its my turn to perform Maghrib and Hannah followed me. She refused to be with hubby as its her tu-tu (susu) time. Hubby told me to be careful as the ablution corner is in the same room and its not hiding behind any wall. He afraid that Hannah might go there and play around the slippery floor and fall down. And I said "No problem". Being Hannah who never stay still, she wandered around the surau. I was at my 2nd rakaat when I hear a big "DUM" and came out her voice. Ya rabbi! I just cant help myself to turned then I remember that I was still praying! There were 2 kind hearted ladies who help to pick her up and hold and pujuk her. She was screaming and crying (AGAIN!). I quickly finish my solat and hold her to my arm. Then she stopp screaming and crying but sobbing.

I told her to ALWAYS REMEMBER WHAT I WANT HER TO DO. and she gave me a nod. huhuhuhuhu. Seriously, that day, she had 2 jari (kiri) terkepit, muka (kiri) berbirat and bonjol di kepala! And mummy lost her game! 

Photo? You think I would post her picture here? no way!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WW : Hannah, Book & Headband

: Always with the book and bunga purple di kepala :