Monday, October 8, 2012

Things that should be TOLD

There are things that should be kept unspoken, but there are so many things that should be told.

1. The useless managers and poor management system, you tell them
2. Your best friends are doing the bad things, you tell them
3. You cheat your partner, you tell
4. You being dishonest, you tell
5. You scratch your principal's car, you tell
6. You dont like someones attitude, you advice

And lot more.
Truth hurts but its worth knowing.

You see, things can be simple in life. IF YOU MAKE IT SIMPLE by always being honest. Clearly honesty is the key.

Chill people. You dont have to talk bad things behind anybody's back. You dont have to lie. And most importantly you dont lie to yourself.


Smile. Then you will have a better world.

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